Team Brask is Electric...

Saturday 5 December 2009

Allan Simonsen's Team Brask have just finished in third position in the first ever 24 hour electric kart race at Jac Nellemann's Power Racing in Copenhagen; "El Mans 24".

Allan Simonsen was the team leader and with team boss Lars-Christian Brask, he had selected a team of experience as well as some up and coming stars. The team was; Allan Simonsen, Lars-Christian Brask, Nicolai Moeller Madsen, Oliver Brask, Michelle Gatting, Dominik Farnbacher, Mario Farnbacher, Claus Norreen, Kevin Pihl Nielsen Krede Pedersen and Andreas. Martin was team manager and he had his issues to deal with.

Team Brask was briefly in the lead and held second position for a long time but technical problems set us back to fourth during the night and this morning, but during "Joker time" after lunch Saturday Krede, Andreas and Claus drove exceptionally to get the team up to 3rd place, a position that Michelle, Mario and Nicolai cemented in the last hour of racing.

The event raised a significant amount for the charity "Red Barnet" with team sponsors paying more the higher the team finished.

Jesper Carlsen, a former Team Brask driver, was clerk of the course/event manager. Unfortunately back problems kept Jesper from racing.

Casper Elgaard's team and John Nielsen's team (both former Team Brask drivers) finished in the places behind Team Brask after the 24 hours.

Christoffer Nygaard's team won the event, that lasted more than 3,400 laps and more than 700 kms.




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